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Ecco is family owned and independent. They follow passion sfor shoemaking by owning their own production. Across the world, Scandinavian design is regarded as exclusive and stylish, yet functional and simple – and always of high quality. ECCO shoes are no exception. They follow-the-foot design philosophy, with its simple, elegant aesthetics, is rooted in Danish design.They are passionate about making shoes and everything that goes with it – from tanning leather to stitching uppers and relentlessly pursue new ideas, new technologies, higher standards and better ways of doing things. We are proud of our products and our company. Ecco has passion for what they do – and passion creates quality. Karl Toosbuy wanted to make shoes that did not need to be broken in. They should fit like a glove. That became the beginning of ECCO’s revolutionary concept: to create shoes that were more comfortable, lasted longer and enabled people to move naturally. By making shoes that outlast trends and allow the foot to move naturally, this free s people to live more actively and spontaneously.